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On this blog, we talk about various types of software, electronics, and development tools to make neat things!

And when we're too tired to work, we talk about neat places to go.

No AI This blog is part of the old-school Internet: Everything you see here is written by a good old-fashioned human and not by some regurgitron, a.k.a., artificial "intelligence" (AI).


(Once there are enough articles to justify it, I'll create a nice categorized index. For now, they're listed in the order written.)

There's also the Miscellaneous Notes page (added on March 1st, 2022 and last updated on March 15th, 2022).

Useful links...

In this section, we'll curate a list of useful free software, documentation, and other learning materials available from around the world.

Most of what follows are links to other sites. Throughout the high12noon blog, all links to other sites, including the ones below, are purely informational and do not imply that we agree with or endorse anything expressed there.

Tools (free software) and learning materials

My personal favorites

User Interface Toolkits


Ever run into Greek letters when you're trying to understand some math and you don't know what they are or what they mean? Here's my go-to page to help with that: Greek letters used in mathematics, science, and engineering on Wikipedia

Theorem of the Day. 'Nuf said.

Math Software and Documentation

Math Learning



Computer Programming

Embedded Development


Interesting Projects

This is a listing of projects I have come across which look interesting. I have not spent much time with them other than taking some cursory glances and perhaps reading some documentation and watching videos about them. Nevertheless they seem interesting enough to mention here, at least in passing, and perhaps I will have the time to investigate them more fully in the future. Check back often for new additions!

Free educational textbooks and course materials

Other People's Blogs

This is a listing of blogs I've found useful or interesting in some way. These are in alphabetical order by last name or the name of the blog itself:

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